Our mission is to be a socially responsible brand that produces high quality products that are fairly priced and made with ingredients people can pronounce.

A Letter from neat’s Creator

neat was created in a mom’s kitchen… my kitchen! My journey started as a quest to find an answer  to my family’s dinner-time problem of pleasing all the tastes and special diets around the table. The recipes I crafted are made with ingredients we all know and trust, so familiar they’re stocked in my own pantry. The neat products are tested and tried until they pass the highest scrutiny I know -a kids’ taste buds! Now, the greatest joy as neat creator is knowing your family can dig in without worry and enjoy healthy, delicious, neat foods together around your table too! That’s neat! -Laura Lapp

Plant-based eating is better for you, your family, and our earth! That’s neat!

Plant-based diets have been shown to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, maintain a healthy weight, increase fiber, and lessen cancer risk! Our planet will thank you too. Plant-based diets save on water, greenhouse gas emissions, and save animals’ lives. It’s now easier and tastier than ever for your family to choose a plant-based diet. With a simple swap, use neat meat replacement or the neat egg to replace ground beef or eggs in your favorite recipes, making them meat-free, egg-free and plant-based!