Next Accelerator – Neat Profile

Recently, Phil was interviewed by the Next Accelerator in their Entrepreneur Profile series.

What was the inspiration for your business? What inspires you daily?

Neat-Portraits-103Solving a protein problem for our little animal loving girls. They enjoyed the smell and flavor of meat but didn’t want to eat animals anymore. My wife has favored a vegetarian diet for years, and I was the lone hold-out until a routine physical in 2011 yielded a total cholesterol count of over 300. My grandfather died of a heart attack at age 40, so I had a family history of heart disease. My doctor encouraged me to cut down on red meat so we were all driven to go meatless for different reasons. All the mock-meats on the market seemed to be full of chemicals, so my wife developed something we could all enjoy.

What inspires me daily is connecting with people and making a difference in their lives; even if it’s simply making them feel better about what they’re eating. Neat has sixty percent less saturated fat than ground beef and tastes great. It’s not hard to sell something you’re passionate about. After going beef-free myself, my cholesterol dropped by over 100 points, I lost 30 pounds and I felt great.

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The Neat Egg Foodservice Press Release

Today, neat® foods announced the launch of a foodservice size of their new, all-natural, vegan egg replacement called the neat egg derived from chia seeds and garbanzo beans. The shelf stable egg replacement is already available nationwide online ( and in select grocery stores throughout the country, including Whole Foods, who will launch it throughout their Midwest locations in March.


LANCASTER, Pa. (PRWEB) February 25, 2015

“We’re excited to provide commercial bakeries and other foodservice establishments with a complete protein egg replacement free of chemicals and other artificial fillers. We identified this opportunity as the retail pack grew traction among consumers, and retailers alike. An all-natural egg replacement has been one of the most requested items from our customers, and we began getting the same requests from commercial bakeries, says neat® President & CEO, Gavin Mutter. Eggs are an essential ingredient with bakeries. Price competitiveness of the neat egg, coupled with the gluten free and vegan consumer trends throughout the country, make this product a perfect solution for today’s evolving consumer.

Commercial large scale bakers are agreeing. We have recently switched all of our gluten-free and vegan items to using the neat egg replacer and noticed a dramatic difference vs. brands we previously used. The quality, texture, and taste of our products have been dramatically enhanced. The allocation and form of chia seeds and garbanzo beans gives the perfect elasticity and leavening of a real egg, which is essential in baked goods and fresh bread. The ease of use and quality made the neat egg an obvious choice. I confidently and wholeheartedly recommend this product to anyone looking for an egg replacement, said Shannon Peffley, owner of Betsy’s Bakery in Camp Hill, PA.

The product will be showcased at the Natural Products Expo West Show in Anaheim, CA, March 6, 7, and 8 at booth #6206 along with the company’s line of meat replacements. The neat egg foodservice size is available in a 24 ounce pack and makes the equivalent of nearly 100 eggs. Commercial bakeries add 2 tablespoons of water to 1 tablespoon of the neat egg mix to yield 1 egg and can scale with volume. The product is priced in line with traditional eggs“ making it a viable replacement in recipes like cakes, cookies, breads, and other baked goods. The neat egg was developed for use as an ingredient in recipes where eggs are binders and leavening agents.

The neat egg foodservice pack is the latest in the company’s line of meat replacement mixes launched in 2013, which include Original, Italian, Mexican, and a Breakfast sausage flavor. New in 2014, neat’s meat replacement mixes were also made available in the foodservice channel to accommodate restaurants looking to offer tastier vegetarian and vegan dining options to their patrons. The company is in the process of finalizing its second round of funding and actively seeking investors, in addition to planning a line of frozen products which they hope to launch in the near future throughout the foodservice channel.

For more information about neat®, please visit

About neat Foods

Neat® offers 100% all-natural, innovative gluten and soy-free vegetarian/vegan foods to consumers who are looking to reduce or eliminate animal based protein in their diets without sacrificing their favorite recipes. Neat Foods was founded in March of 2012 and continues today with four shelf-stable meat replacements including Mexican, Italian, Original and Breakfast sausage flavors, and the neat egg, an all-natural egg replacement. Their line of products is produced by VisionCorps, who provide employment and rehabilitation services for the blind and visually impaired. The neat® brand is now available in nearly 2,000 grocery stores across the country, and was developed by Phil and Laura Lapp in 2011 who serve on the board and are actively involved in the company today.

Media Contact: Declan Murphy, neat foods, 866-637-neat (6328) x 702, declan(at)eatneat(dot)com

The Neat Challenge II Winners

We asked you to avoid red meat for 25 days. Any 25 days between January 1st and February 20th. Then, submit a short testimonial about your experience and how you felt after avoiding red meat (Before February 20th at midnight), and the first 20 submissions would receive a neat t-shirt and be entered into the grand prize drawing of neat, free for a year! All entries after the first 20, would be entered into the drawing for free neat, but will not receive a shirt.


So here we are! Whether you were vegan, vegetarian, a meat lover, or a flexitarian, all were welcome to take in the challenge!

Without further hesitation, the grand prize winner of a neat T-shirt and FREE neat for a year is ……

Patrick Hurley! –

“I have been vegan since February 9, 2014. I do not look back to the day I made the decision to drop animal products from my diet. The way I feel emotionally and physically is nearly impossible to accurately describe in words. It has brought me a great deal of inner peace.”

The next 19 will receive a neat T-shirt! Here is what they had to say after 25 days of avoiding red meat!

Stewart David – My 25 days without red meat went so well that I recently celebrated 25 years!  And I didn’t just switch from beef to chicken, I got the slaughterhouse out of my kitchen.

Michael K – It’s been quite awhile that I’ve eaten meat, that when I saw this, I thought to myself, sure why not, it’s only 25 days! I have to say, after 25 days, that I all around feel a lot healthier and have a more energy. Can’t say I would give up red meat forever, but I know now that I can eat healthier, and incorporate more vegan and vegetarian dishes into my diet. Thanks for the challenge!

Terri David – I’ve been vegan for over 25 years so this was a piece of cake.  I do remember when I stopped eating meat, all my allergies went away.  I was suffering terribly and taking medication that made me feel horrible.  Giving up meat was the best thing I ever did for my health.

Melissa T – I have not eaten any red meat for the past 25 days! So far I have not had as many unexplainable headaches, and my experience in the restroom has become more “smooth”…Thank you for this challenge and contest opportunity!

Norman Casey – The neat challenge couldn’t have come at a better time. I was getting sick and tired of the same meat dishes, and was looking forward to stepping out of my comfort zone for a bit. The 25 days were a breeze, and I’m actually going to stick with it! Thanks!

Nicollette Dailey – Even though I’m a 20+ year vegetarian and a few year vegan, I took the Neat Challenge and challenged myself, in light of Neat’s wholesome ingredients, to be fully plant-based for 25 days.  No vegan junk food (you know, those classic black and white sandwich cookies), processed fake dairy, or faux meats with a long list of ingredients I can’t understand.

The Neat Challenge has been great.  My energy is so much more stable. And, probably because I’ve been eating real food, my appetite is under control. Most of all, I just feel overall healthier. Thanks for creating such great products!

Pam Correll – I’ve been a vegetarian for many years, so giving up red meat for 25 days was a breeze!  I feel absolutely great,  and I plan to continue giving up red meat forever :o)

Rebecca B – I stopped eating red meat and pork a couple of years ago and have never looked back…I wish I had called it quits on chicken, eggs, and seafood at that point too! Cooking with plant-based ingredients is more fun. There’s a ton of variety and it’s so easy, given all of the creative folks out there blogging about veggie diets, creating recipes, etc.! My favorite way to eat neat so far is to make the sausage mix and take one of the savory/sweet patties with me when I’m heading out the door!

Christie Norris – I’ve been mostly vegan for almost 4 years now, and it’s completely changed my life. Giving up meat for the first time was challenging, but I kept at it and it became easier and easier. I wanted a healthier, cleaner life as I was facing some major health challenges at the time (at age 23!). I started with pork and red meat, then quit chicken, and finally fish. I learned how to cook new things, had renewed energy, and overall felt better than I had in years. Best of all it opened up my palette to try dishes I’d never otherwise try, gave me a new perspective on animals and the environment, and gave me the vitality and purpose I’d been searching for. So incredibly thankful for that change! Never give up!

Shevon Walker - It was actually really hard to avoid meat for 25 days, since that’s all I’m used to eating but it was refreshing to take a break from that type of food. I do feel healthier and have a little more pep in my step!

Jeremy – As a vegetarian (14 years now) meat substitutes have been a total disappointment, I’m not a fan of soy as a main ingredient or its texture. Needless to say I abandoned the idea that a good meat free replacement was even possible. That changed last week when I noticed Neat at my local Meijer store here in Michigan and decided to give it a try. The simplistic and clean ingredients list sold me from the moment I picked it up. I purchased the original and used it as the directions said for a “ground beef” finish. It was great! I cant wait to start implementing Neat into traditional cooking again, only this time keeping it healthy and maintaining my vegetarian values. This product is a game changer when it comes to my personal cooking!

Karen D – I have been meatless for years, and feel great!  In much better health and shape than my twin, who always followed the SADiet. I feel bad for him.

Tracy Fettinger – I thought giving up meat would be hard, but after feeling so much better day after day it really wasn’t that difficult! Sure I had to rethink the way I put together a meal…and therefore the way I shop and cook, but it was worth it. I eat no meat but that still counts as giving up red meat, right? :O) I am more focused, more energetic, sick MUCH less, and just feel so much better all around when I eat plant foods! I have even noticed that I very rarely catch what the people around me get sick with because I’m giving my body the nutrients it needs to stay healthy. I’d much rather spend my money on food & enjoy reading than spending hundreds on medicines! Thanks for the chance to win your product!

Angela Cash – I haven’t eaten meat in almost 14 years and I feel FANTASTIC! I have not yet had the opportunity to try Neat but I have read many rave reviews. I look forward to adding it to my compassionate diet. Veggies rock!!

Nancy Moore – I haven’t eaten meat or red meat since October 2013. I became a vegetarian then and I have never felt better! I love knowing that I am making better choices for my body, animals and the environment. I also love that there are so many meat alternatives out there like Neat. Thank you for making your delicious products.

Dillon Feeney – I’m no vegetarian or vegan, but with my girlfriend looking at me with a weird face every time I order something with meat, I figured it would be a good time to try this out for 25 days. Needless to say she was very happy about my decision, and after 25 days, It wasn’t such a hard decision. I plan to still eat meat, but maybe not as much going forward.

Heather Jaynes –  I never ate red meat for years and years and years, 20 to be exact.

I feel great. I live a very active life. I spend most of free time in exercise related activities, I run, play soccer, do yoga, etc, regularly. I try to have a salad for lunch and a smoothie for breakfast. I enjoy trying various meat substitutes and am so happy this area continues to grow.

Jennifer Williams – Didn’t think I would actually make it through the 25 days of no red meat, but minus a few tempting nights out at a few restaurants, I made it! I feel like my taste for new flavors and meals has grown leaps and bounds and I continue to search for new and exciting spices, vegetables and meals to keep everything fresh. Cooking is anything but boring now!

Erin Jackel – I’ve been vegetarian for almost 7 years now, so giving up red meat wasn’t really a challenge. I started this diet because of my love of animals and the environment, but I’ve kept it up because I feel that I have more energy and I enjoy that it keeps me eating more veggies.

What I like about neat is that unlike most of the meat-alternatives it is incredibly versatile. It doesn’t come in a pre-formed patty or meatball, so I can modify non-vegetarian recipes much more easily. Thanks neat for opening up my culinary options!

Thank you to all who took part in our neat challenge, we loved hearing your stories! Keep that momentum going.

neat mention – Grid Magazine

A very sincere thank you to Grid Magazine for mentioning neat in their latest issue!

“Neat, a natural meat alternative, was created two years ago by Phil and Laura Lapp, who were looking for a healthy, animal-free protein to satisfy their two vegetarian daughters. Turned off by the chemicals and additives in many commercial mock meats, the Lapps set out to develop their own and came up with a recipe made from pecans, chickpeas, oats, cornmeal and spices….”

Check out the full article, “Mock Up.”